How to drink cider

We have tried almost every glass to drink cider from: white wine glasses, red wine glasses, beer glasses, big and small glasses, tall and short glasses. We liked the Riedel glass „Beer 0449/11“ the best. This elegantly proportioned glass with a short handle and a content of 13,36 fl oz is ideal to discover all the flavors

of your favorite Goldkehlchen ­serve well chilled and fill up the glass up to one third. Or enjoy your cider straight from the bottle, this way it’s also delicious!

Cocktail suggestions

Goldkehlchen is not only a delicious refreshment enjoyed from a glass or the bottle. Our ciders are ideal mixers for surprising cocktails or longdrinks for every season. As it is not only four fine cocktails that make a fine beverage list,

we encourage you to let your creativity fly and to challenge your tastebuds with the endless possibilities Goldkehlchen offers as a delicious base for cocktails and mixed drinks alike.

Gold Tonic

3 parts Goldkehlchen apple

1 Part lemony tonic

a lemongrass stem


Bird Royal

1 part Goldkehlchen blackcurrant

1 part dry sparkling wine

black currant

Early Bird

Goldkehlchen pear

a dash of Campari

cocktail cherry



Goldkehlchen apple

a dash of Hakuma Matcha

apple slices