Wet your whistle with premium, boutique cider

Goldkehlchen is a premium, boutique cider made in Austria. We’re so pleased you’ve come to visit! It’s great that you share our passion, and are discerning about what you drink. We handpick the juiciest apples in Austria, especially for cider connoisseurs. Then we press them on-site and make the fresh juice into the best premium cider that Austria has to offer.

Why should you chirp for joy?

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree – in fact, it doesn’t fall at all


It’s no secret that Austria is a land of incredible delicacies, and crisp, juicy apples from the southern region of Styria are among the most refreshing. Since (hu)man cannot live by apples alone, we help the Austrian apple evolve into its finest form. Naturally, without the addition of sugars, colors or flavor enhancers. And without sending the apple travelling off through time and space.


Unlike regular ciders, we don’t use concentrate. Instead, we use only authentic Austrian apple juice. It just tastes better. And it makes sense, too, right?


What’s more, our apples literally don’t even touch the ground. They are handpicked, which means they retain their premium quality. Of course, no sugar whatsoever is added to our vegan cider – all the sweetness comes from our apples, which ripen in the sun over a whole summer. And that’s what you can taste in every sip.


Goldkehlchen Premium Cider has a feather-light alcohol content of 4.5% Vol. It is available in 330ml bottles and carton contains a nest of 24 Goldkehlchen bottles.



The idea

Adam, Eve Cider

The company’s founders, Adam and Eve (well, Eva), met while studying in sunny Australia. They enjoyed a frosty cider or two, and wondered why their beautiful native Austria, which is full of world-class apple trees, didn’t produce any world-class cider. And thus the idea for Goldkehlchen was born. A good day for cider connoisseurs everywhere.


They still thought the idea was pretty good the next day. So they set to work. Soon, they had the first tasting samples ready for their friends, who heartily approved. In fact, they demanded more. Since then, Adam and Eva have been the names behind the best cider that Austria has to offer. Made from premium apples, handpicked in Styria, for connoisseurs.


Gallery – The Bottle

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Where we chirp for joy


A little bird told us… where to get Goldkehlchen

Our little Goldkehlchen likes to nest in bars that value high-quality beverages, all around Austria. We’re always overjoyed to hear that you’ve recommended your favourite cider to your favourite bar or pub. It means that more people will soon be chirping for joy.



Wein & Co


Interspar, Eurospar & Spar Gourmet


Stiegl Bier







Alfie’s Express Zustellung in Wien


Del Fabro: Nordwestbahnstraße 8-10, 1200

Juice Brothers: 0676 344 00 31

Liquids: Otto-Bauer-Gasse 2, 1060



Jodl: Hauptplatz Stand 1 – Franziskaner Gasse 4

Jakominiplatz Stand 14



Bottle Shop: Mirabellplatz 7

Stiegl Getränkeshop: Kendlerstraße 2



Biertempel, Hofberg 10, 4020



Getränke Bayer: Tulln

you better stay awake: St. Pölten



T&G Märkte



Alfi Getränke




Our cider doesn’t just taste good, it’s a great story, too.

We know that journalists also like to wet their whistles, and we’re pleased that Goldkehlchen is gathering more and more attention in the media. Here, you can find handpicked media articles, quotes and videos.


Falstaff 09/10 2015: “Light golden yellow. Very aromatical, intense honey notes. Sweetness and acidity well balanced. Lots of fruit character, fresh apple stylistics.”


Falstaff April 2015: Erster Himbeer-Cider Österreichs im Falstaff-Check


Küche Magazin 2015: Adam, Eva & der Apfel, S.108f.


GoTV 11/2014: Chefzwitscherer Adam aus dem Leben des Goldkehlchens


Genuss Magazin 5/2014: “Nose: candied fruit, apple, inciting, youthful. Taste: classy fizz, super apple fruit,
proper residual sweetness, harmonic overall picture. Superb aperitiv!”


Prost 2/2014: “Austria’s best premium cider”


Local Hero auf vom 10.3.2014


Café Puls vom 22.10.2013


Der Standard RONDO vom 26.7.2013


Kurier Online vom 14.5.2013


GUSTO 6/2013: “fließt gefällig und bar jeder Herbheit wie sie typisch für Apfelwein ist, die Kehle hinunter: frisch, leicht, prickelnd, mit lieblicher Süße”


Der Falter vom 8.5.2013: “ein schön moussierender, leicht süßer Cider”


Die Presse Schaufenster vom 3.5.2013: “schmeckt äußerst sauber und ganz fein herb”




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Hospitality, sales and distribution

We’re thrilled that your patrons will soon be wetting their whistles with Goldkehlchen! We’ve put together a pack with the most important product information at a glance. This information is primarily geared towards establishments throughout Austria, who want to offer a premium-quality alternative to wine, beer and summer refreshers like Hugo and Aperol. If you are interested in buying Goldkehlchen outside of Austria, please just drop us a line. An all-natural product, made in Austria!


Information for hospitality, sales and distribution

Product sheet and display material, PDF




Goldkehlchen KG
Währinger Straße 61
1090 Vienna


Tel.: +43 699 10493450




Varbriku 6



LCS wines & consulting
Mpt 18 A
00330 Helsinki



Wein Wolf Import GmbH & Co. Vertriebs KG
Königswinterer Str. 552
53227 Bonn

Tel: +49 (0) 228 4496-0



Brill & Co
Box 11236
100 61 Stockholm


TAIWAN (exclusive distributor):

Elfland International Co., Ltd.



Archangelkade 19b
1013BE Amsterdam



Newcomer Wines Dalston (London)
5 Dalston Lane
E8 3DF London
+44 7447 512 061


USA (distributor):

Wein-Bauer Inc.
4031 Tugwell St.
Franklin Park, IL 60131
(847) 678-0685



Nest HQ

Goldkehlchen KG
Währinger Straße 61
1090 Vienna


Invoicing and delivery address

Goldkehlchen KG
Währinger Straße 61
1090 Vienna


general inquiries:
+43 699 10493450
(mo-fr 10:00-17:00)


hospitality & export:
+43 660 183 48 28
(mo-thu 10:00-17:00)


Company details

Goldkehlchen KG
Währinger Straße 61, 1090 Vienna, Austria


Commercial register no. (Firmenbuchnummer)
FN 390102 f


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Account Details
Erste Bank
IBAN: AT032011182765470300

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TOS Goldkehlchen (PDF)


Dr Adam Ernst

Managing Director
Goldkehlchen KG